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English Breakfast

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 Hints of: Black Tea, Honey and Cacao

Just like a perfect breakfast in the morning, this will brighten up your day with hints of black tea, honey and cacao

Burn time
Standard 7oz vessel: 
25-35 hours

Double wick 17oz vessel: 60-70 hours

NOTICE: Beginning 12/20/21, all orders will come in new packaging. Each candle comes in its own box and sleeve wrap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
A Consistent Re-Purchase

Lovely sweet, sugary gourmandaise smell. Purchased this 3 times now and its consistently lovely.


middling rating since it doesn't quite deliver on the name. what it does smell like though is vanilla, which in itself is a luxurious and relaxing subtle scent. buy it if you want vanilla w a hint of sweetness.

Don Tantan
My favorite Yoke candle so far!

Burning this made me realize that I love scents related to coffee, tea, and food ☕️ Can’t wait to buy the big 17oz. once it restocks!

Mary Torremoro
Incredibly comforting

I am so obsessed with this candle!! I use it when i'm winding down for bed, sometimes even while I work and a bit stressed out. It makes me feel warm inside, quite much like a hug from dear friend. It might be too sweet for some people but it is perfect for me.

Juan P.C.
Sweeter than all the relationships I've had

This is the perfect wind down candle. Whether you want to start your day with a comforting and relaxed atmosphere, or if you want something to caress your senses to sleep, this is the candle you get.

Cold throw was strong enough, hot throw was just an explosion of wow.

English breakfast will always give you something to smile about.