Voyager Rewards Club

Say hello to the
Yoke Candle Co.
® Voyager Rewards Club

What a ride it has been! As a way of thanking our Yoke Candle Co friends, we are rolling out our Voyager Rewards program in beta phase. This will allow you to earn and redeem points for every peso spent in our web store.
As a welcome gift, all existing members (e-mail subscribers) will be rewarded with 500 points, while newly registered members will get 200 points!
Use your points to redeem rewards such as:
- 10% off Coupon
-50% off Coupon
- Free Shipping
- Discovery Sticker Pack coupons
-Standard 7oz Lovers in Japan coupons
and more to come!
How do I redeem my free points?
- For members who have automatically enrolled to our rewards program, we will be automatically adding the points to your wallet! However, If you have not signed up yet, you'll get 200 points once you sign up for the program.
How do I sign up?
-You can see our Voyager rewards widget on the left side of the website. Here, you can access sign up, sign in, access and redeem your points.
How do I earn points?
-Once signed in, you will earn 5 points for every peso you purchase automatically. Points earned shall reflect in your rewards portal and an email will be sent confirming the points earned. There are also different ways to earn points! You can see the latest points redemption details by accessing the Voyager Rewards Club Portal.
Where can I see my points?
-You can access your Voyager Rewards Club portal by clicking the floating icon on the lower left of the website
*Please note that our rewards program is still in beta phase. Any feedback will be much appreciated!