Volume 3: Regatta

Set sail to Volume 3: Regatta, our summer themed collection. Get on board and be transported to four distinct island destinations that were thoughtfully selected for you to discover.

For this volume, you will find typical summer scents such as sea salt and ocean breeze and exotic notes such as spicy cardamom and dark musk. 

Let's begin to sail along the Caspian Sea. Tucked between the continents of Europe and Asia, lies the largest inland body of water where east meets west and where a distinct nature abounds. Discover Caspian Sea’s exotic charm with notes of spicy cardamom, sea salt, and amber. 

Head on north to the Nordic Shores. Sail across the Nordic Seas and chance upon the most majestic beaches in the world—discover black sands surrounded with towering sea stacks and insane basalt columns. Reminiscent of lava beaches, this candle composes of dark, mystical blend of sea spray, vetiver, and dark musk. A word of warning: this isn’t your typical summer fragrance.

Let us steer back to Asia to see one of the best islands in the world and is unanimously known as a paradise. Explore the islands of El Nido. Find yourself lying in the sands of Lagen Islands, where you can indulge in the scents of sea salt and ocean breeze. And while you’re at it, let the herbal notes of freesia and moss take you to a natural state of zen and tranquility.

To end our sailing journey, we head to Hawaii. One doesn’t need any introduction to Oahu, one of the most visited islands in Hawaii and home to beautiful coasts and beaches. Inspired by the alluring spirit of Aloha and the Hawaiian culture, discover floral notes of jasmine and gardenia infused with ocean breeze for that tropical vacation you will ever need.