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The Souq

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Oud, Mandarin, Cedar

The wonders of the middle east sparks mystique and glamour. Strolling through Dubai’s famous perfume market can make one wonder; how to describe the complexity and luxury that it exudes? 

For its scent you’ll seek the answer: through Oud and Cedar.

Burn time

Standard 7oz vessel: 
25-35 hours
Double wick 14oz vessel: 40-50 hours
Double wick 17oz vessel: 60-70 hours

Customer Reviews

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Jasmin Sy

My office smells expensive!

Juan Paolo Cordero
Other candles souq.

Honestly loved this scent, such a subtle scent of oud but it was definitely present and not over the top.

Never one to practice brand loyalty but it's hard not to when their products are just on a different level.

Joanna Karla Guilonsod
Official Office candle scent

Finished my first 17oz size the Souq candle in just 18 days. I've been burning it in the office. People would always have a smile on their faces upon entering my office as they are greeted with this amazing scent.

Mikel Zubiri
Love it

Ordered all their scents and they all smell amazing!

Smells like its described!

it's my first time trying a candle with Oud, Mandarin, and. Cedar, but let me tell you, the smell will hit you as soon as you open the box! It has a spicy and strong scent that will remind you of expensive perfumes/lotions. Such a great buy! Will definitely get the other scents.