Wow, what a September 9th.

Because of the "Lazada Big Brands sale" event, we were able to break our own record of the most number of our orders in a day. While we were still recuperating from the 9.9 mania, we were also able to launch Volume 2: Expedition on our official website last September 10, with limited batches shipped ahead of time (thank you to all those who reserved) and in Lazada on September 12. What a busy week, indeed! However, as we rapidly grow, the number of challenges also kept growing. True enough, during the 9.9 sale, we might have overlooked something. With this, we would like to share what we have discovered during the past two weeks:

- Our team has released select batches of "8PM Cocktails" that did not go through candle testing. Yes, we do conduct rigorous random quality testing in the batches that we produce and we later found out that some of them did not go through this procedure. Hence, we have come up to a conclusion that candles in this batch might underperform during burning. Currently, we are in the process of recalling and replacing the said candles.

If you believe that you might be affected by this, please message us immediately so we can properly arrange a replacement for you. You can send us a message here on our website or through e-mail at

As we stand by our vision to deliver world-class handcrafted organic candles, your confidence in us is most vital in keeping us motivated in reaching this.

Despite all of the challenges, we would like to thank everyone who shared their positive feedback and great stories about their experiences with Yoke Candle Co. During the past two weeks. We have received a total of 105 reviews in Lazada and we're proud that we have achieved a total metric score of 100%. This means that almost all of the reviews were outstanding!

Thank you.

- M


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