Update: Discovery

Hi guys!

We're so excited to give you an update on what we are currently brewing for all of you. Apologies for the long text-heavy post but there will be a few things happening in the next couple of months and we're psyched to have you on board our journey:

Firstly, we have new oil suppliers! After the strenuous search for the perfect supplier, we have made a deal with a US brand to be the supplier of our fragrance oils. This is a testament to our commitment to provide the highest quality ingredients and in turn an exceptional product. We also commit to retain our retail prices even after the turnover. This means that we will now be able to provide an overall better performing candle at the same value. We will be relaunching all of our candles hopefully by end of October with limited release of some scents mid-October. We will keep you updated about this development.

Secondly, bigger candles! We're so excited to announce that we will be launching our bigger sized candles really soon. BUT we're not only having bigger size variants but we're also upgrading our current vessel into a bigger one while keeping the retail price! Our 7oz vessel will now be 8oz and bigger sized candles will be 15oz, triple wick. 

Finally, we're announcing that we will be having a website exclusive sale happening on October 11! Get 10% on all our products off by using the code "discovery11". 

To jumpstart our new journey, we have decided to commission a little video campaign called "DISCOVERY" which will be premiered tomorrow, October 7, 12:00pm at yokecandle.com and at facebook.com/yokecandleco.

That's it for now. Thank you for your support!

Yoke Candle Co Team


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