Geeking out: The wonders of wooden wicks use in scented candles

People are starting to discover the beauty of scented candles. Wooden wicks in scented candles has also started to become a booming topic at various market events and craft shows at the present time. Wooden wicks are usually thin tubes and slabs of wood that have been crafted for scented candles precisely. 

However, these natural wood wicks can bring some surprising effects when being used in the scented candles. Let’s know more about their wonders below:

Why are wooden wicks amazing to be used in scented candles?

Many people are asking about the wonders that wooden wicks can do when used in scented candles. Let’s have a look at what you will experience with natural wooden wicks in your scented candles to get a better idea about this:

Briefly, the most common benefits include:

  1. A cleaner and efficient burn 
  2. Enhanced ambient 
  3. Aesthetic appeal 
  4. Even burning

Some important pointers to note:

  • Wooden wicks can offer better scent throw 
  • Without any doubt, organic wooden wicks can offer you better scent when they are burning inside vegetable wax or scented candles. It is because the wax of candle will burn smolders and slower. This will help in warming wax around the wooden wick rather than just burning it off quickly. 
  • Wooden wick used to burn evenly
  • Normally, wood wicks are made of organic wood with a wider base. Therefore, it can create a large as well as an even melt pool. The height of the flame that is created with a wooden wick is normally wider and shorter. It will not only keep them safe while using but also more functional particularly in vessels with large diameters. 
  • More amazingly, wooden wick doesn’t mushroom, which means these will cause minimum debris, sooting and carbon buildup. 
  • Wood wicks are visually appealing too!
  • Wooden wicks are creating a distinct horizontal that can throw more heat into your scented candle in a quick way. This can help you to get an uncommon yet modern quality to your scented candle that you would not be able to find with other wicks. So, even the wooden wick is burning lower and slower, still, it can let you heat up your scented candles’ fragrance and will let you create a more effective scent throw in your space within less time. 
  • Long-lasting flame 
  • Wooden wicks can let you enjoy the warmness of wider flames even for a longer time period. The horizontal flame of wooden wicks normally has lower wax reach than its alternatives. So, not only will it start to spread even if the scent throws off quickly but can also let you enjoy prolonged scents in the best possible way. It is because wicks usually manage to burn slower than alternatives that makes it last for longer. 

Final thoughts 

Scented candles with wooden wicks might seem a bit different, but these can offer you more wonderful ways to enjoy candles. If you are planning to purchase scented candles, then wooden wicks candles certainly deserve consideration and you can buy them from our site.

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