Update 9/3/20

As we welcome the start of the ber months, we at Yoke Candle Co., have also welcomed new scents into our line up. Presenting four new exciting fragrances that are inspired by various cities and places across the globe. We might be restricted to travel with the current pandemic but this doesn’t hold us back in exploring new things, aren’t we?

Speaking of new things, we are launching not only the new line today but also the improved formulation for all of our candles. As we continuously strive to innovate, we are finally announcing that Yoke Candle Co. now uses 100% organic vegetable wax which not only provides a sustainable burn, but also provides up to 60-80% improvement in scent diffusion. This means that this new formulation has been tested for up to 40 sqm space using our 7 oz candles! Beginning September 5th, we will be releasing the new batches with new formulation in our Lazada and instagram store.

As we enter the last quarter of this year, may we all be reminded of how this year has changed many of us, for good or for worse but may we also be reminded that the new year is fast approaching.

Can’t wait for 2021!



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