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Scents meet Science.

Fragrances are a product of chemistry--carefully woven and crafted to transform into symphony of notes which we all enjoy. At Yoke Candle, we always take science into consideration in developing and improving our products. That's why we have reformulated our blends to be even better than our previous batches. By using different vegetable waxes and high quality fragrance oils, the new Yoke Candle has now improved its scent diffusion and overall performance. The best part? Our products are now 100% vegan and now 100% phthalate free.

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Best locally made candles :)

I love Lovers in Japan. Both warm and cold throw smells sleek and fresh. English breakfast and 8PM candles were very good too! So happy to find you Yoke Candles ❤❤❤ Excited to try other scents!

KE Agoncillo

I loved it!

the scent is exactly what was described and better! it helps me jumpstart my day when i light it in the morning. the scent fills my whole room and the burn time was so long (compared to other local shops i purchased from). also, the packaging was so simple, minimalist, and aesthetic. i loved everything about it! i can't wait to try out all your scents!🤎

Mika for Lovers in Japan

Incredibly comforting

I am so obsessed with this candle!! I use it when i'm winding down for bed, sometimes even while I work and a bit stressed out. It makes me feel warm inside, quite much like a hug from dear friend. It might be too sweet for some people but it is perfect for me.

Mary Torremoro for English Breakfast


Iguazu brings you close to nature. Lighting this makes me feel like I’m in a magical forest free from stress. This is my second yoke candle and the hot throw is similar to the first one I bought. It can fill my small room right away. I work with oil paints and this is very helpful in getting rid of the chemical smell and giving such relaxing vibe in my work space.

Renee Avila for Iguazu

Smells like its described!

it's my first time trying a candle with Oud, Mandarin, and. Cedar, but let me tell you, the smell will hit you as soon as you open the box! It has a spicy and strong scent that will remind you of expensive perfumes/lotions. Such a great buy! Will definitely get the other scents.

Ella for The Souq